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It’s been a little while since my last blog and I’ve been quite busy with crafting.  I finished the body of my chuck sweater (designed by Andi Satterlund) and realised that the me size when I started it compared to the me size now is two sizes smaller. It will now be gifted to my daughter. 

In my post-self-reprimanding state I picked up some new yarn and started a new project for myself. I have since pulled that undone and restarted 3 other projects with the same yarn. I have set it aside with Chucky for now. I don’t see the point doing something that is frustrating me. I need to enjoy what I’m doing and, let’s face it, there is no deadline. 

I can declare though, some finished objects: some Birthday socks for my daughter and for my daughter in law. 

I finished a quilt for my daughter (no photographs) that she asked me for months ago. It was a simple quilt made out of a jelly roll in American Civil War colours. 

I also made a couple of dishcloths which are fabulous. They take about an hour to make. I used 8ply cotton.  They are super absorbent and the texture is great for cleaning. I hear you asking “why would anyone knit their own dishcloths??!”  I know what your saying, but sometimes you just need to do stuff because you want to do stuff. That’s my reasoning. 

As of today I currently have three other projects going.  Another pair of socks made from gorgeous merino/nylon/stellina in a glittery pink, a little jumper for my grandson and a granny square blanket. 

Watch this space for more FO’s
Janine 💕