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Sox x 2

Spent another weekend “on the needles”. After undoing and reknitting and again, three times, I finished the body of my Chuck sweater.  I’m having a really hard time with my memory and forget what stitch I’m up to, let alone what row I’m up to. 

Time for some plain knitting.  

I have started a pair of  birthday socks. Thought I’d try two at a time method.  What a whiner I am, but I found this rather labour intensive and spent most of the time trying to sort the stitches and the working yarn out. I’ve decided to switch back to one at a time and am progressing much faster. 

Two at a time troubles. 

Lovely blue/violet variegated sock yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills


I work full time. I'm a wife, mum and grandmother, a sister and a daughter. I love all pretty things and I love making things for people.

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