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Week Two

Well I am still getting used to this staying at home palaver. The problem is, I have so many things to do, but no energy to do any of them. I keep telling myself that my mojo will come back any moment now but I seem to be getting just bursts of energy where I will pick something up and then I get sick of that and collapse again.
I cannot and would not say that I am bored. I am just a bit overwhelmed I think.

So today’s plan is to update my blog (tick) and this morning I received an eBay purchase, Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship. by PR Spencer. It’s a handwriting theory and practice book. Another of my newest fads. I love handwriting and for some reason my handwriting changes all of the time. Depending on my mood, I may be all curvy, short and fat, tall and slopey..Weird huh?..


I work full time. I'm a wife, mum and grandmother, a sister and a daughter. I love all pretty things and I love making things for people.

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