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Hand Dyeing Yarn

So I have had a play with hand dyeing my own yarn. I purchased some “naked” sock yarn from Bendigo Wool mills which was really inexpensive and a really nice soft yarn to use. I think I got a little bit too excited with the colours though and I think the end result may look a bit like Walt Disney’s vomit. But anyway it was fun to do.

The process is so easy. You really should give it a go.
Firstly tie the skein in stages around the “donut” to keep the skein from falling about and getting all tangled, (a step I forgot to do, but one I quickly learned never to miss again).

I used my electric frypan but I have read that others have used a crockpot or saucepan on the stove or their slow cooker.

Basically you add one tablespoon of distilled vinegar to every cup of water you use. I used four cups of water so added four tablespoons of vinegar. Heat this up until warm and then add your yarn. Now push the wool down under the water so it soaks up the liquid and the entire skein is wet. You then heat it up again to quite a hot temperature but not so hot that you will burn the yarn. Turn off and now it is time to add your colours. I used normal food colouring purchased from the supermarket.

So then I sprinkled a bit of colour here, a bit more there, then here is where it got messy. I just started to slop the colour here, there and everywhere. I shuszhed that around a bit until I thought it looked cool. Then took it out of the water and squeezed it a bit. Simply ran it under coolish water until the water ran clean, added a tiny bit of liquid soap and again ran it under water until no bubbles. I then hung it up to dry.

You will see not to go too crazy with the wringing or squeezing as it kind of makes the yarn a bit fluffy.

When dry you just roll it up into a ball and knit away.

The colourway I produced was just amazing, just about every colour possible is in it and lots of fun to knit with.

Have a go.. you will love it.

The Process

Add dye
Mix it around until you are happy
Rinsed and Ready to Hang up to Dry
Dry and Ready to Roll
Finished Product


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